Our Story

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to get to know us at “My Epress Kit” a bit better. My name is Steve, the founder and president here and I wanted to share the story of how we got started.

Have you ever had one of those days where random occurrences lead to a totally unexpected outcome? Well a day just like that formed the beginnings of what is now “My Epress Kit”.

One day while at my regular, boring 9-5 job I was given the task of training a new employee. The expected small talk ensued and before I new it I found myself listening to stories about this world traveler musician standing in front of me. In what seemed like no time there was a mutual realization that their were many more ways than the job at hand that we could help each other out.

With my web expertise and his need of an online presence for his new project my first venture into the music business began. Now years later following the successful launch of that and many other projects it seemed about time to spread the knowledge I have acquired during my experiences.

So here we sit with a website solely dedicated to the art of creating Electronic Press Kits. We design to inspire, and love every moment of it. Our team is here to help you accomplish the success you deserve and make your brand look professional in the process.

When you deal with anyone at “My Epress Kit” we want you to feel like you’re talking to an old friend. Our web development takes a second seat to none but our real pride is in our customers satisfaction.

An EPK is an important part of your toolkit in marketing your brand so why should you be left alone to fend for yourself in creating it with someone else’s software? What makes “My Epress Kit” different from all the rest is you don’t have to. We do all the work of making your kit beautiful so you can spend your time doing whatever it is we are making your kit for.

If you ever have a need or just want to chat about your kit our team is always up for it. We can always be reached through our contact page, or through email, Facebook, or Twitter.

Steve Webster