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Alexa is an award-winning vocalist and songwriter thanks to her chartworthy single “Behind the Scenes,” a song inspired by a missed opportunity to meet One Direction during their last U.S. tour. Alexa’s creativity, talent and genuine sentiment all come together in her music to create fun and catchy tunes that Pop fans adore.

The success she has achieved to date has not come easily. Superstorm Sandy devastated portions of New Jersey, including Alexa’s home. In addition to the ongoing struggle to rebuild, Alexa cares for her mother, who suffers from several medical conditions, and is a full-time college student.

One of her most distinctive qualities is the ability to bring a smile to those around her. One can hear that quality in her music.

Overcoming hardships form some of the most compelling success stories. Alexa Rae Gallagher’s story is just the beginning.

Alexa, on her Award Winning Song

“Behind The Scenes”

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“When I was younger, I had those schoolgirl crushes on Joe Jonas and Jesse McCartney, you know the kind… ‘I love you and IAWARD_PIC’m going to save myself for you,’” she laughed. “I think there are a lot of girls who go through that phase, but no one has ever really written a song about how girls can just go crazy over these famous guys. I wanted to write something for me, but also for all of those girls who run around chasing someone like Justin Bieber or 5 Seconds of Summer. I wanted to write something they could relate to because who doesn’t ever sometimes wish that they could just get ‘behind the scenes?’” read more

“Wrecking Ball”

by Alexa Rae Gallagher

“Behind the Scenes”

by Alexa Rae Gallagher

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