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Finally, your book is finished. It’s edited, the layout is complete, and it’s prepared to be sent off to press. You’re super excited to receive the first printed version of your book but whether you recognize it or not, it’s at this crossroad that you’re confronted with a vital part of the self-publishing phase, one that is even as important as the book itself. We are talking about marketing yourself and your book to the general public. And in this digital age, nothing does the job better that a Press or Media Kit, specifically a book press kit.

Without doubt, when you’re launching and marketing your book, you want to get attention from the public and media alike. You’ll constantly need to send your information to numerous people, from media types to your friends and family. A common trend now for authors is having their press kits on a website, or in the form of a .pdf file. You can and should point inquiries to your Press kit, a place where you have made all necessary  information available. A Press or Media kits goal is to make it easy for busy editors, reporters, reviewers or researchers to get basic information on their own schedule. It is a very effective tool if done properly.

What to incorporate in Your Author/Book Press Kit?

You can get creative with your press kit; however there are certain elements that readers are on the lookout for. These are:

Press Release

This is typically the one you write for the book’s launch. A press release should do the job of revealing your new work. It should be concise and to the point, one page should do. If you’ve got upcoming events, it’d be advisable to preclude them from your press release, so as not to distract from the message you are really passing out.

Author Bio and Contact Information

Author bio, previous publications, qualifications to write the book and author’s platform info should be in this section. 200 words should do, and it should possess things that make you sound appealing and professional. You should include your name, location of birth and/or where you presently live, what you are doing (or did) for a living, what you’ve written, possibly your education (if it’s relevant), your hobbies, etc. The idea is to make you stand out. Don’t forget to input your contact info, and your agent or alternative representatives if necessary.

Author Photo

It’s all about building a brand for permanence. It is very important to get a professional author photo. Your author photo should definitely be part of your Press Kit. Once you have a photo, do not change it. Your readers will easily recognize you and your work over the years as they would already be familiar with you.

Book Photo

Now, this one is inescapable. The necessity to have a captivating book cover has always been stressed amongst writers’ circles. Your Book photo should be attractive and thought-provoking. Also, it should be with the same resolutions as the author photo.

Sample Author Q&A

Make an inventory of interview queries (and responses) regarding you and your book. This will include questions on your background, your inspiration for writing the book, reason for your choice to self-publish, your own favorite writers, future endeavors, etc. This section is especially useful for the inquirer and media who want to help you promote your work as it’s helpful and relevant for them.

Outstanding Information about Your Book

This is the place to show why you feel your work is special, comparatively. You can describe your book in terms of its distinctive components. Why did you write this book? Is it a subject that many individuals will simply relate to? Is the story set in a place or time that’s quite momentous? As the author, do you have an ingenious background totally different from most alternative authors? Tons of books are published yearly, you need to persuade the person reading your press kit that your story is attention-grabbing enough for his or her audience.


A press kit doesn’t have to be too sophisticated or fanciful. Several other things can be added to your author press kit, but be aware that, more, is not always a definitive strategy to get people to pay attention to your message.

Since it is now a norm to utilize various online networks for publicity and marketing, it makes sense to make sure your press kit is clear and easy to download.

So, next time you’re attempting a book publicity campaign, be sure to have an effective and updated author/book press kit along with you.