Cheri Dallas

MultiColor_DressChin_300dpiCheri Dallas is a motivational speaker based out of Atlanta Georgia. Cheri has made it her life’s mission to reach out to people from all walks of life, and to do her best to help them better themselves in a variety of areas.

Cheri is currently an Ambassador for Domestic Violence Survivors, and has over 15 years of experience as a Law of Attraction Practitioner. Cheri uses her past experiences melded with her knowledge of the principles of attraction, which state that positive thoughts are magnets for positive life experiences, to help her clients overcome trauma and achieve whatever they desire in life.

Health, in every sense of the word is another one of Cheri’s passions. As a healthcare advocate she speaks on a wide variety of topics touching on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health improvement. Her dedication to the ministry for the past 15 years has given her a solid foundation of faith and strength to lead people towards their goals.

Stay tuned for the release of her first book coming in the Fall!


My experience with Cheri has been nothing less than amazing. From day one she has been inspirational and dedicated to helping me change my was of thinking, she’s my go to person for several other things. I thank God for our introduction. I know he is using her for mass communication of his people. Want to change the way you view life for the better?  Call Dallas!  Her spirit is consistently the same even in serious situations. It’s because of her that I truly understand and have embraced the law of attraction. I’ve been so empowered, I’ve shared what I’ve learned by telling everyone I know about it. My saying: what would Dallas say? Not to mentioned changing your mindset and outlook for the better.

Stacey J. Gholar

Atlanta, GA


My experience with Cheri Dallas was an eye opening event to say the lease.  When dealing with what I labeled as having a “Groundhogs Day” events in my life.  Cheri Dallas listened, processed and replied with a very simple yet powerful statement.    “The reason you are reliving these struggles is because you keep giving it to much power!”  So simple,yet profound. I now keep that statement in the front of my mind when challenges arise.  I deal with it head on, but I don’t give it power over me. Her spirit and down home kindness plays a huge part in how she’s blessing people. The answers are within us all.  What she does is help you locate the place inside yourself where it is buried!

Philly Plowden


Atlanta, GA


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