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The world has changed a great deal for musicians with the advent of social media. From marketing to the artist-fan relations and distribution of music, everything is now taking place online. The traditional way of presenting music to industry stakeholders through the press kit is no longer the most effective marketing strategy.
While all serious artists and stars have had electronic press kits for a long time now, you don’t need to be a super star to own one, nor do you need to think it is only for major label artists, EPKs are accepted as standard whatever level you are at. Email your promo kit locally, nationally and globally to get on a tour, be in a festival, play at a gig or contact any industry professional in a heartbeat.

Importance of Electronic Press Kit

As a struggling independent musician in a highly competitive over-crowded market, it goes without saying that you need to stand out from the crowd. There are many ways to do this. There is music publicity, radio promotion, extensive tour presence, as well as distinguished music marketing and music promotion. You need to get your message out there fiercely.

Getting your music marketing message out there is one thing but getting the right message out there is another. Your professional image as an independent artist is of the utmost importance in order to rise above the raging competition. Most independent bands and independent artists have some sort of a music press kit or music promotion kit that they use for promotional purposes. The Electronic Press Kit is the boss of them all. An Electronic Press Kit (EPK) also known as an Electronic Information Kit (EIK) or Electronic Media Kit (EMK) is exactly what the name suggests – a press kit in electronic form. An EPK can be distributed through CD, DVD, a thumb-drive, an e-mail, or easiest of all through a website. Electronic Information and Press Kits are an innovation that allows every musician to showcase their entire range of works online. Using an Electronic Press Kit, you can send information about your entire gamut of work to whosoever you want including the press.

Elements That Make Up a Quality EPK

The following items are must haves in an EPK:
Bio: The artist’s bio should be at the forefront of the EPK. It should be written professionally and essentially be a sales pitch. The bio should include information related to the artist’s background, hometown, current activities, most recently released mix tape/album, future plans, and any other relevant information to promote the artist. The bio should be clear, concise, and to the point. Eliminate unnecessary details and provide only what’s needed in the biography.

Music: An artist should include their best recorded music in their EPK. Ideally, the artist would want to showcase at least 3-5 of their best songs. These songs should be professionally engineered and recorded. Links to hosted media websites like Soundcloud and ReverbNation are a nice easy way to include audio here. 

Videos/Pictures: Relevant video content should be included in the press kit as well. Video footage from shows or tours is great for this section of the EPK. Any videos for singles from a recent album or mixtape release should be included here. Two to four videos should be a sufficient for this section. Photographs of show performances, photos with celebrities, logos, promotional images, and anything to help brand the artist are also fair game here.

Shows: Any recent shows or performances at venues should be listed here. Be sure to include the place, date, time, and location of the shows. Also, if possible provide a link where fans can purchase tickets to show their support.

News: List any current news or press releases in this section of the EPK. Any notable reviews/interviews, media coverage in magazines, newspapers, or online is fair game for this section. Reviews of an artist’s album or important interviews could be included in the news section as well.

Contact Information: THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT SECTION OF THE EPK. List all contact information including websites, social media links, email addresses, a company address (if relevant), manager(s), publicists, booking agents, and any relevant designated contact persons.
With an effective Electronic Press Kit, you can receive the attention of a great number of people and make your work known worldwide. So, go on and create one for your brand.

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