Layla Parrish ( Meg Foster )

Owner of the Black Grove Psychiatric Asylum. The facility has been in her family for three generations. Due to the mounting pressure from the community, due to Leonard Craven’s escape, Layla Parrish was forced to close it down and become the caretaker.

Melanie Gates ( Stephanie Hernandez )

She is #2 of the group, but should be #1. She might be smart but her instincts are keen. You can always rely on her to make the right choice. Contrary to Jerod, Melanie genuinely wants this investigation to be successful, to make a difference and bring closure to those who believe and don’t believe in the afterlife. Leaving her mark would definitely catapult her scientific career.

Jerod Krauss ( Patrick D. Flanagan )

The De facto leader of this scientific investigation. This is mostly due to having the funds to be able to attain the necessary equipment for the study. Jerod has a tendency to expose his enormous ego. He would love nothing more than to attain fame and notoriety from the findings he is eager to present to the school board and the world.

Nate Mitchell ( Giordan Diaz )

Mr. Camera Guy! Because he’s responsible for recording all the evidence he also cares about the integrity of the investigation. When push comes to shove, this nerdy guy can be incredulous land a land few verbal jabs if need be.

Terry Kelly ( William Alexander )

The Tech Guy with half-glass-empty view of things and isn’t afraid to express his opinion. He cares less about the investigation and more about just getting the class credit he needs

Ernie Gomez ( Jesse Ramos )

The researcher and the baby of the bunch. His quirkiness is what makes him the likeable freshman. If anyone should get the credit for finding this asylum it’s him. However, he may not want to get the credit when it’s all said and done.

Leonard Craven ( Peter Aratari )

He’s the ex-patient of the asylum who the ‘Mole Man’ urban legend is based off of. He’s protective of his space and doesn’t care for visitors. However, there’s a deeper and darker secret that lies within the walls and the only way to learn it is by not letting him catch you.


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