Independent Hip-Hop Artist | Producer | Sound Engineer

11188493_1584443755138741_3059574304633727489_n“Why be great when the greatest can be great within me.” This is a quote by Stridd (Andrew Stridiron) that he leans on throughout his music. The idea of his music points to God in many ways, but relates to his life and the world we live in. His strives to relate to people of most walks of life. He has been successful in influencing young crowds usually between the age of 16-40 years old.


Stridd was raised by two parents in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As he grew older and gained interest in hip hop/electronic music, he started the fundamentals of creating music in the basement of his parent’s house. Over the years, he has quickly enhanced his skills. He soon started performing at open mics and started getting quick attention for his rap skills.


Stridd’s major inspiration in music has been rap and electronic artists such as “The Ambassador, Daft Punk, Da’ T.R.U.T.H., J.U.S.T.I.C.E., Cross Movement, Shai Linne, and The Chemical Brothers.” In High School, he was introduced by a High School classmate to a DAW software. He immediately became interested, and began using different audio software along with other recording equipment to enhance his musical producing skills. In 2007, he moved to Washington D.C to complete his education in Audio Production at the Art Institute of Washington D.C. He graduated in 2010 with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Audio Production.


After he left college, Stridiron continued to work on his music by implementing electronic and hip hop elements into his music. Since then he has produced music for the Washington Wizard’s professional basketball team media (documentary) and has been awarded. Remaining true to his beliefs, Stridd is an artist who strives to be unique throughout the culture of hip hop.  Many people have quoted him as being very lyrical while able to engage the crowd. He continues to create music and is currently working on his future rap albums and songs.




2014 – 2015

Performed at Pure Lounge Concert – Hosted by Afton Shows

Opened up music for “Chocolate Covered Rocky Horror Show” at EarlOrrin Productions

The Wizards Documentary – Featured Music

Produced Key B.’s album: Key of Love

Producer of Maima La Grace’s brand


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Phone#: (267)974-0533