What is a Video Game Developer Press / Test Kit?

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What is a Press/Test kit?
A test kit can also be called press pack or media kit. It is simply everything a journalist would need to write a story about you or your game. Their role is to attract reader’s attention, make the game sound likable to write about, or allow them to request a demo.
It is widely believed that press kits are reserved for big companies with large PR Firms behind them. On the contrary, whatever the size of your business, whether you are an in-house developer or part of a studio, you can make profits from a well arranged press kit.
Undoubtedly big firms hire their PR companies to build their press kits. Similarly you should look into hiring a professional to create your own kit if you want journalists to write about your game. The following are three other reasons you should build a press kit for your game.

1. Press kits get you focused
Your inability to explain something to another person, means that you probably don’t understand it yourself. The same is applicable to you and your game. Sitting down to write about exactly what your game is about, who it is targeted at and why it stands out is a great way of getting focus and understanding your game.

2. Press kits simplifies the journalist’s job
Although journalists have busy schedules, supplying them with everything they need to write an article will motivate them to write about you and your game , or at the very least, get in contact to demo the game.

3. Well prepared press kits look professional
If you are developing a game, you should also be professional when it comes to promoting your game. You must show that you’ve invested time and effort to make sure other people understand your game and want to play it. By simply sending out a message like “I made this game, write about it!” via email with a link to your game won’t cut it, people just won’t think you are taking it seriously.

What Should you include in a test kit?

1. A Press Release: This is the most important element of your press kit.
2. Fact sheet: Major facts about your game. Genre, platforms, price etc.
3. Biographies: Detailed information about your company and key people involved in the game.
4. Screenshots: Try to get 10 or so good screen shots of your game because people tend to look at images before they read text.
5. Past coverage: Show people’s / users’ past reviews or write ups about your game.
6. Demo link: Give journalist free access to your game and let it be the full version wherever possible.
7. Logos, Banners and Artwork: Make available other artwork on top of screen shots, such as initial artwork. People enjoy seeing them.
8. Game trailer / movie. The best way to showcase your game is with a trailer. Sounds and moving images both at the same time will be worth watching if done properly and will create more interest in what you have to offer.

Web-based or PDF kits are by far the most popular formats, and we at My Epress Kit can help you with both.  Questions, email us at and we can help you create the perfect press or media kit for your needs!